Is it relevant to use ruby on rails in 2020 to build scalable web apps or sass that generate million of revenue?

Marvlous dev 02 Feb 2020

This question is a bit tricky because somehow this year, the trend of a programming language is coming up from Javascript, Phyton, Java, Go, Rust. But for me personally, I said yes, RoR it’s still relevant because there is some specific big tech company still use it even GitHub and Airbnb, it can be referenced for me.

First thing first if you choose specific tech, you need to figure out the reason why use specific that tech, try to research some big company that uses it the most and finds a great community, it will help you a lot. but before we go further and talk about RoR relevancy, let’s a breakdown what is scalable web apps means, scalable means 


  •  For a company to maintain its reputation is truly important, that’s why availability I put in the first list, availability play an important role here, it means when your web apps down, you need a quick recovery backup if not you will make user little bit feel disappointment about what happens and sure it will impact ur reputation company even impact to your revenue, let’s take an example like a large online store, if the web apps unavailable for a short period time, they will be lost a million revenue.


  •  This is a second vital scalable web app, to keep your web apps working well smoothly when a million people access or request it is pretty important. A slow web app are expansive too and make our user experience feel bad too, even extra seconds loading matters it impacts at your revenue


  •  Building a scalable web apps means, you need to design your architect before executing it, try to research for another company architect it will help you consider whats the best architect to build your first MVP product, of course as your user will increase good architect will help you easily scaling your web apps

Talk about Ruby on Rails, I think in my opinion rails still cover these three points if you keep optimizing your ruby on rails that’s fine, If you wanna build your first MVP product with ruby on rails I suggest you split your application with two specific repositories, the first one is your RoR for the API only, and the second one is your Frontend (Javascript), this is a good approach for you to build your first MVP and less bug if you want to know whos use still ruby on rails nowadays, here’s big tech company who still use ruby on rails

• Twilio @twilio 

• Square @Square 

• Twitch @Twitch

• Askfm @askfm

• Fiverr @fiverr

• Slideshare @SlideShare

• Github @github

• Twitter @Twitter

• Gojek @gojekindonesia 

• Codecademy @Codecademy 

• Dribbble @dribbble 

• SoundCloud @SoundCloud

• Stripe @stripe 

• Heroku @heroku

• ProductHunt @ProductHunt 

• DigitalOcean @digitalocean 

• Shopify @Shopify

• Airbnb @Airbnb

If you’re curious what’s a great trend to follow in 2020, I think Javascript, Go, Rust will have a bright future, but I personally choose to Go lang to build a backend service for my web apps, you should take a look StackOverflow insight

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